highly compressed
wood cylinders in diameter
of 6.0 to 12.0 mm – eco-friendly
and high-calorie fuel.


The calorific value of wood
pellets is 5 kw / h (min 4,300 kcal / h),
which is equal to coal.


pellets - 2000 tons per month,
6 mm and 8 mm.

Wood pellets pellets

of pellets

The combustion of 1 ton
granules released
as much energy as when

480 m3

500 l
of diesel

700 l
of fuel oil

Easy to transport and store

They do not require special conditions for storage and transportation. Thanks to the correct shape, small size and uniform consistency of the product, the pellets can pour through a special hose that allows you to automate the processes of handling and burning of this fuel. For a long period of storage do not lose their properties and do not rot. Ease of loading, the possibility of fuel supply automation.

Environmentally friendly wood pellets

The combustion of pellets produced as much CO2, how much was absorbed by the plant during its growth.

The safety of using pellets

Unlike other types of fuel pellets are not explosive and not prone to spontaneous ignition when the temperature rises.


  • Dispatching for the production of pellets
  • Plant for the production of pellets
  • Loading pallets

The first modern wood-processing plant in Moscow Region, the resident of the Industrial Park «Center» invites to cooperation!

The factory is now using closed production cycle of integrated wood processing. It produces high quality lumber and wooden pellets, which are known as an excellent eco-riendly fuel.

The general concept of a wood processing plant includes the following types of products: timber for various purposes: Edged board rifled, lumber, pallets, building panels and wooden pellets.

Top-quality products are produced on modern equipment — «Lindsaw», «Johanson», «ImHART», «CPM», «Weining», which allows you to maximize the use of wood raw material.

of Pellets Usage

In Europe, granular fuels used to produce heat
by large regional boilers, and for heating of individual buildings.
Wooded pellets intended for use:


boilers and fireplaces for heating detached buildings


industrial boilers and communal services


combined power / heating systems


10 to 50 times lower emissions of carbon dioxide
15 to 20 times less ash
is completely sulfur-free

In this case, pellets are much
greener above
traditional fuels.

is a Priority

After launching the granulation line with production capacity of 4 tons per hour, located in the Moscow Region, pellets, produced by Promengineering Ltd. were certified to conform to European standard.

This certification sets strict requirements for the equipment, the quality of pellets, staff training on production and laboratory tests, as well as the quality of raw material and its origin.


Bags weighing 15 kg

The pellets are delivered to the end consumer, packed in plastic bags, 15 kg each.

«БИГ-БЭГ» весом 1 т

Some customers prefer the pellets packed in big-bags - polypropylene bags cubic 1x1 meter.

Станок для укаповки «БИГ-БЭГ»

This package type allows to supply the fuel directly from the bag, which is utilized after the devastation, without using a special bunker.

and lumber

  • Wooden pallets
  • Industrial wood
  • Manufacturing pallet


Promengineering produces durable pallets and timber from environmentally friendly raw materials, which
you can order.
Pallets and pallets of different sizes.
Pallets and lumber are produced on an automatic line, production capacity of 24,000 pieces per month, and meet quality standards.

Timber -

Edged and not edged board, volume
of 35 000 m3 per year.

Sawing wood

Promengineering provides services for sawing wood on the modern equipment.

Try our high quality products and you'll make the right choice!

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